Mohs Surgery: Gold Standard Treatment

In 1933, Dr. Frederick Mohs was only a research assistant when he discovered a process that would revolutionize the excision and removal of cancerous skin cells. Originally named “chemosurgery,” this technique would go on to become Mohs Surgery.

Mohs surgery is the most effective technique in treating many basal cell carcinomas (BCC), and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), the most common types of skin cancer. Mohs surgery allows for the removal of all cancerous cells with the highest cure rate, while sparing healthy tissue, and leaving the smallest possible scar.

How it Works

The Mohs Procedure is done in multiple stages in one outpatient visit. A thin layer is removed by a surgeon and treated from the affected area. It is then examined under a microscope at an in-house lab by a pathologist. If any cancer cells remain, the process is repeated layer by layer until all cancer is gone. The area is then closed with sutures. This allows for the precise excision of all cancerous cells, while maintaining as much healthy tissue as possible. Between layer extractions, the patient waits for each new layer to be examined until no cancerous cells are visible. The whole process can take several hours, but the cure rate is worth it.

The cure rate of a first time Mohs treatment is 99%. For a reoccurrence, Mohs is 94% effective. Mohs can be done on all body areas affected and has also been used to treat certain cases of melanoma successfully.


Aside from the having the highest cure rate among treatments for BCC and SCC, other benefits include:

  • Cost Effective Procedure is completed in 1 visit, with all lab work done on site. Only local anesthesia needed.
  • Exact Results 100% of the tumor margins are examined, leaving the smallest possible scar, and preserving healthy tissue.

Mohs Surgery at ForCare

At ForCare Medical Center, we have our own fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, C. Drew Claudel, MD.  Dr. Claudel is a Board-Certified Dermatologist who completed his Mohs surgery fellowship at Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, LA. With more than 18 years of providing high quality, compassionate care, he is ready to serve all your dermatological needs.

About ForCare

ForCare Medical Center also offers a wide variety of treatments for a large range of conditions within our primary care clinic. We are committed to working with patients to find treatments that will deliver the most impactful results, as well as assisting with the development of new treatment options through clinical studies.

To set an appointment to be evaluated for skin conditions , Mohs surgery or other for our primary care exams you can request an appointment online, or call us at (813) 960-2400.






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